Party Time Trivia DVD Games
The Best Party You Will Have Playing TV!
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Party Time Trivia DVD Games

Hands Free
Continuous Play

Pop in the DVD and let it run, hours of non-stop trivia action adds fun to your party!

Most DVD titles run for over 3 hours of play.

No complex boards or game instructions.

Our DVD Games

Movie Mania Trivia

Movie Mania Trivia is a great mix of trivia questions on movie stars, classic films, new box office hits, movie music, movie awards, movie-makers and more. Who doesnít love the movies? And the winner is......your next party or get-together. There is something here for everyone from the occasional movie goer to the hardcore film buff. Pop in the DVD, serve up the popcorn and watch the "action" begin.

60ís & 70ís Trivia

60ís and 70ís Trivia is hours of trivia questions on the decades that changed the world. Innocence turned psychedelic, Hippies, Flower Children, War, Peace, Nixon, until we all finally escaped on a cruise on the Love Boat. Whether you identify with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Funk or Disco we hit all of the exploding music scene which shaped the 60ís and 70ís. Get those lava lamps out and drive down memory lane with hours of fun filled Trivia at your next party or get-together.

80ís & 90ís Trivia

80ís and 90ís Trivia is hours of nostalgic questions on the events we all lived through. Do you remember where you were when OJ led us all on a slow chase through LA? Everyone made íFriends" on TV, and Jerry and George were number one. Bill met Monica, Reagan met Gorby, Madonna met Sean, Disco turned to New Wave, James Bond met Austin Powers ... Shake those memories loose with hours of fun filled Trivia at your next party or get-together.

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