Party Time Trivia DVD Games
The Best Party You Will Have Playing TV!
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Party Time Trivia DVD Games

Hands Free
Continuous Play

Pop in the DVD and let it run, hours of non-stop trivia action adds fun to your party!

Most DVD titles run for over 3 hours of play.

No complex boards or game instructions.

About Us - Party Time Trivia

The Party Time Trivia DVD line is a product of Web Marketing Services, Inc (WMSI). WMSI is a private corporation which was founded prior to the internet boom.

WMSI has been directly involved with trivia on the web since 1995, through the company's Trivia Company division.

Since the launch of our free online game, the game site has attracted 100,000's of registered trivia players and has had 100's of millions of games played. We have built an unmatched database of trivia questions and have learned over the years what people look for and love about trivia. Our skilled staff of editors and writers are the backbone of our content driven businesses.

WMSI's web site sells trivia content from its database of over 180,000 easy - to - hard trivia questions. WMSI has supplied trivia content to a worldwide audience including many of the world's largest companies. Through our years of concentrated effort in building our trivia products we have built up our vast knowledge and experience in trivia games and content. We are using this insight and new technologies to build and market the exciting new line of Party Time Trivia DVD products. We are continually adding new titles and offer private labeled versions to creative forward thinking companies.

For more information or to address questions about our company please use our Contact Us at david @

Party Time Trivia
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